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BBC Mundo interview - 22/08/2008

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Mother Teresa of Argentina

This is an article of 1998, Here are scans of the newspaper and below the translation in English in PDF

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Radio Interview by Jessica Ripodas, radio La Brújula 24 – In First Person

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Question: Good Evening.   Welcome to In First Person.  Welcome to all of you.   I have a very special guest tonight and it is a pleasure and honour for me to introduce her.  Meanwhile I thank all those who make this program possible, in addition to the radio itself:  owners of Charlone Pharmacy, our friends who have supported us from day one with everything they offer: medicines, products of all kinds and the best you can find. Besides this they are a beautiful family. Their address is at the corner of Charlone and Malvinas and the telephone is 5555447.  Also many thanks to the SMATA people and all the television staff. Remember that in www.facebook/ you can find all the previous programs.

Tonight Natty Petrosino is here with us.  As I mentioned to you in private Natty, many have heard her name before but don’t know much about her.  She is a person whose life was abruptly changed at a certain moment, and since then she has devoted herself completely to charitable work.  Some say that she is a Philanthropist, but it seems to me a very stiff word.  Her life has more to do with what is human, something more personal.

Natty, how are you? Good evening.

Natty: Good evening. I’m fine thank you. How are you?

Q:  Well.  Natty, how would you define yourself in a few words. Who would you say you are?

N: Look, I’m simply an ordinary person trying to prove that in this place, right here where we are on planet Earth with a normal human body, one can do wonders if one believes there are other things besides our daily affairs.  I would define myself as a servant, a servant of God, a servant who loves all conscious beings and wants to prove to them that there is much more than what we see here alone, to show them how wonderful is everything created by God, the Holy Architect.  Everyone can name Him as they please...

Q: Everyone in different ways, right?
N: In different ways but always the same God, the Creator, the Architect ... whatever. It is HE who created such wonderful things ... and I have the joy of being able to work for Him and to mobilize many people, as in this case, you yourself; to awaken them to a world we have all dreamed about, to a truly different world.

Q: I love that! And apart from having you here tonight and revealing your story and showing people who are on the other side tonight, listening to us, that maybe you don’t need to be an otherworldly person. You do not need super extraordinary tools to change the life of a single person. In your case have you changed many lives, but you do not need all that grandiloquence, right?

N: No, everyone right where they are now, should start to realize what he or she is worth. Look, the other day while talking to some friends, I told them that after 50 years of consecrating my life to helping others in the name of God ... all of a sudden we become aware that we are part of the Universe, each of us walking down the street realizing that we are part of God, part of the Universe, part of Creation, part of the Cosmos. No matter how big or small you are, be part of it! It’s so great, it’s so wonderful! ... and nothing ever ends, everything goes on forever and ever.  To reconnect us back to God, to go back to where we parted from, to take this tour, it’s wonderful.

Q: Natty, we usually start talking about the present with all the people who visit us, but in the context of your actual story there are also different issues.  Let’s go back in time... you were born here in Bahia Blanca, right?

N: Not in Bahia Blanca (Province of Buenos Aires) exactly, but by adoption. Yes.  My parents came here while I was a baby. In fact, I was born near Villa Iris (Province of Buenos Aires), because my grandparents had the saltworks there in Jacinto Araoz (Province of La Pampa), they were the owners of that place.

Q: And those eyes Natty, from whom do they come? ... ha, ha ... I tell people who have transparent eyes like yours that it is said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul and in your case they seem to have a magnetic attraction because they are pale blue, is that right?

N: Ha, ha ... No, maybe it’s the peace one achieves devoting oneself to what I do,  and you know, I have an advantage over all of you. Because the difficult thing is what all the people do who follow me.  They have to live in the material world, going through all the things of this world, and on top of that they come and help me in this heroic deed.

Q: Sure...

N: Well ... all of you somehow too.  So what makes my case special is that I left all things of the world behind, but for me it's very easy and what is really heroic is what you do, living in this world.  All Masters, including Jesus, came not to us to tell us to retire and live retired from the world, but to live within humankind, rubbing shoulders with our brothers in the world, be it your co-worker or your family, or others and to create a new world from that.  And that is the difficult part for you.

Q: Of course. I’ll tell this next part myself, Natty, correct me if I get it wrong... Ok, when Natty was a little girl, even as a teenager she had many things that surely many of you would like to have nowadays, a family, and quite comfortable surroundings... but at a certain point all that changed, do you remember why Natty?

N: Yes, in my case, it was a really a special thing ... I believe that each one of us is born marked in a certain way.  In the Book of Life as Jesus says, it is written what each one has to do. What happens is that sometimes we do things wrong and ... we change the course.  I think that is a little what happened to me, but maybe I had to live through all that experience before taking on this mission.   I remember it with great love because everything was important for me to grow up, maybe there was something left to do with that other life. But well, when I was 27, doctors discovered a tumour in my middle ear.  First it looked like a cholesteatoma which is a small benign tumour, and at 29 I was operated upon...

Q: Do you remember what you felt?

N: What I really felt was dizziness, I felt very ill almost all the time but they could not determine what it was.  I was having electroencephalograms, the procedures that were done at that time.  I'm talking about 50 years ago almost, so it was all very rudimentary not as it is now when there is tomography, resonance, etc.  A doctor who, as I always say, was a friend of mine, but nevertheless was not a good doctor. He wasn’t the kind who make a good diagnosis, and he didn’t know what to do, so he says to me:  “We're going to do a head x-ray, for the pain of ...” (it did not make much sense) ... then they discovered that I had cancer in my middle ear and it was quite bad.  So well, while I was being operated on I suddenly left my body and I was dead.  This is now very natural you know, as people speak about these things nowadays, but this was 50 years ago and it was not easy for one to even mention something like this that happened to many people.  In the interim when I left my body, I realized that death does not exist. It was wonderful, wonderful and terrible at the same time because...
Q: Do you remember that moment? Because you say you left your body...

N: Yes...

Q: Did it really happen, I mean, did you see yourself from another angle?

N: Yes, yes, I saw myself... Now the wonderful thing for me was to realize that you do not die.  You do not die even if you want to, and you have to assume responsibility for what you’ve done and what you have to do and what you should have done. ... Before that, I remember when I was a student, thinking mmm…, I’ll commit suicide.  I would say to myself, for me death has always been something... I’m ready, I’ll kill myself and that’s it. So if I found myself in trouble (I was always a poorly-behaved teenager) I used to think: If my parents find out, I’ll kill myself ... but when all this happens to me I realized that it is not what I had thought, that you do not die and that you have to take responsibility… So, it is really hard to realize this but at the same time it’s wonderful.

Q: Sure and some say, I don’t know if it happened in this way.  But specifically at that moment when this was happening you saw yourself from the other side.  I imagine but do not know if in this place where you were, you saw something else.  What was it that made you react? 

N: Actually, I could have told this story 50 years ago, but, now how can I picture it for you?  I could not even tell my closest ones about it because the Master would not allow me to.  The Master whom I met was Jesus himself, of course, because first I had a mission to accomplish:  to be able to demonstrate with my own deeds that that had all been true.  Just imagine, it would be very easy for me.   I have a few acquaintances who have had similar experiences but they must have reached a point...   Anyone who leaves his body even if he or she is seriously ill, actually leaves it every night.  When we go to bed we leave our bodies in our sleep, we take a tour so-to-speak and come back to our bodies...

Q: Of course, sometimes we are more or less conscious...

N: We are almost never conscious because the mind that records what you see outside is not the one that comes back in, but it remains on the hard disk so-to-speak. What you see or what you do when you rest, the other mind that enters is the one that is there before taking this journey. If we didn’t sleep, if we didn’t leave our bodies at night and did not make that journey we could not resist living in the body at all.  That wonderful Spirit that God gave us is our life, right?

Q: Of course ... something happened to you that you did not tell at the time. From there what did you do?  You got better but I don’t know how long it took...

N: When I left my body what I saw was…, first the surprise. Then one of the doctors who operated on me, in Buenos Aires of course, … I had studied medicine and that was why I had a few doctor-friends who operated me that day. A very close friend of mine, who was the head doctor, was desperate at that very moment I recall.  He started pounding my body while I was on the stretcher and I looked at him from the other side (dimension).  He shouted: “Natasha, this can’t be, it can’t be ...” And I could see him and came close to him but when I wanted to touch him, my hand passed through. I could not touch him. Then when I realized that they did not see me and that they were desperate and ran down the aisles bringing something that at that time was called an iron lung, a huge thing that made a big noise.  They used to put you in them to resurrect you.  They went on pounding my body and it jumped, and I was watching all this from the outside.  I was feeling perfectly alright there. And besides being in that state you also have a body.  It is not that you are ethereal; that body has another density. You want to touch the physical body and you can’t. You can only touch the one you have.

Q: And you could see and hear everything clearly...

N: Yes, very clearly. And at that moment that I was quite confused, I thought to myself: And now what do I do?  I'm here in limbo ... in the operating room, but in the place where I was a door opened in the wall and what happened was as if I had stepped into yet another dimension. It was like a door had opened, and in that other dimension there was a group of Masters, all dressed in white.  I call them Masters.  Some would call them, I don’t know… angels, whatever ... And there was Jesus, but he did not speak to me at that moment. One of the Masters approached me and said: Do you know what has happened to you? And I said: Yes, I'm dead. When I said I'm dead, I was amused because I was more alive than ever there. Then he said: Let's show you something. There was no projector, but on a wall they showed me images of what was written of what I should have done after my birth and what I had actually done. To my shame and horror almost nothing matched.  So I felt great shame in front of Jesus, and it has cost me 50 years or so to carry on loving him madly and thanking  him for everything he has done for us and to name him and to remember that image. The Jesus of the religious schools that I attended, and the Jesus of the Holy Cards has nothing to do with this Jesus that I met there in person.  The soft Jesus has nothing to do with the real one. I sometimes believed that Jesus was an invention because we did not live what he said.  That's why I used to say: “Why are you talking about Jesus if this Jesus has nothing to do with the one that I saw in the different places I frequented!” I used to think: It's an invention to frighten people, so seeing the real one was wonderful ... (she laughs) ... I did not want to go back, of course they asked me if I wanted to go back, and I said, no...

Q: That place felt like a calm and soothing place...

N: Yes, it was an incredible place, I was feeling very well, I had been suffering pains all during my illness. There I felt no pain at all.  It was wonderful.  All I wanted was to stay because there it was extraordinary, but they spoke and said: “Before that we want to show you something.” And they invited me to walk with them. Because right here where we are there is another world and there are people listening to us.  It doesn’t matter that we do not see them. They are spirits of light that help us every day, permanently, throughout our lives.  We see them if we leave our bodies. If you happen to see them while you are within your body you had better go see a psychiatrist because you might have a problem; but to really see them you must leave your body. To see something in the other dimension you have to be out of this body because being in the body you have something like a cell of flesh that prevents it... At that moment I was able to see. Then I was led to the room where my sister was with my two boys who had already been notified that I was dying; so the boys were crying and my sister was trying to comfort them, but when I saw them I turned around and said: I want to go back. Keep in mind that all this must have lasted a second, up there time does not exist, because if not, you couldn’t go back to your body. They asked me: “Why?” I said: “If I do not return, they will not know that death does not exist.” Then Jesus said ok. Because in truth what I came to say to the people of the Earth is that death does not exist. That's what I promised. All the other things that I have done and many that I still do, to feed 7000 people without any money, to found a Nursing Home, a Children's Home, treat and comfort the terminally ill, AIDS patients, feed people in the slums of Bahia Blanca and the aborigines of Formosa and Mendoza, build houses for the poor, and everything else is just to be able to tell people that death does not exist. This is possible because God makes all things easy.

Q: Of course, Natty, somehow Jesus or God listened to your request to return.  From there were you certain about how to decipher the way? Or not? Was it when you returned or was it a continuous learning without really knowing? Knowing that you wanted to change but not in which way?

N: No, what Jesus said to me when I expressed that I wanted to return was that because death does not exist, if I wanted to return I had to live by what he said and was written: to live the Gospel as he conveyed it, which in truth nobody was living.  He also said that if humanity lives by what he said there will be a relief and we would all be waiting for this huge change to come hand in hand, giving thanks to God, which has not been done, over these last two thousand years since he came. We are full of thieves, drugs, corruption, everything because we did not do what Jesus said.  All the Messiahs who came before Jesus came to deliver the same message.

Q: Of course and it does not matter what religion you belong to? Or does it matter? In general is the message the same?

N: It doesn’t matter. Jesus is not God, for starters. Jesus came to show a way, the way that all the messengers who have come during the millions of years that this planet has had already shown us. The difference between the other Messiahs, the Ancient Scientists and the other Avatars who came before Jesus is that after him no one else is going to come because his message is clear and completes all messages.  If you live by what he said, you love all: all religions, all races, all, and that is why there will never be a government that can eradicate poverty... not at all, because... whenever all of us learn to respect each other and help our brothers and do not force them to study this or that when they are not prepared, the world will have changed. Let them study what they can and what they want to do without forcing them; but on this planet you can’t make yourself understood and I am now wanting to leave this world after so many years of hard work. I have not managed to get people to listen and understand and respect each other and help their brothers and share. Jesus did not tell us at any time that there would be no more poor, but he said: You shall have the poor until the end of time. Why? Because it is karmic, it is not that they are forced to be poor, they did something in another life and have to repair it.  Everyone who did something wrong has to repair it. If we expected the world to be different, we would all be holding hands waiting for this huge change that has to come because the planet cannot wait any longer.

Q: We are here listening to you and the truth is that we can’t wait to hear everything you have to say. We have music right now, I know we did not ask Natty for anything specific for tonight, here In First Person, but we would like to jog your memory, people out there, with this background music, what is it? ... Piero ... (Music of singer Piero on air).

N: My great friend.

Q: Great! How nice it is because at one time you had the opportunity to meet lots of people and at times much more.   I imagine that people always feel like coming in contact with you in some way or another. We remind you all that we are here tonight with Natty Petrosino, In First Person looking back a little at her life. We had reached a time when something extraordinary happened to you.  You had already met Jesus Christ as you mentioned and at some point had to make a difficult choice.  I imagine that it was difficult to leave that wonderful family of yours.  I tell you the truth, and your son who’s right here will not let me lie, if you were my mother I would want you for me alone. And it would be very difficult to understand the opposite but at a certain moment it had to happen and now people understand this quite well, at one time this had to happen, right?

N: Yes, it wasn’t easy, I suppose, but when you accept an undertaking like this, the Lord with his angels prepares the whole group so that they can accept it as well.  Both my husband and my children accepted it and supported me, so it was not so difficult after all. And if you ask me, they blinded me so that I would not see anything more than what I had to do. I had to receive every poor person at home, so I had many vagabonds.  All the people who used to listen to the radio in Bahia Blanca during those years know this very well because they used to bring tramps and single mothers and beaten kids to me. The other day talking to my son, the middle one, he said to me: “Mom do you remember that boy we had at home…,” and we laughed at the anecdote because the boys from the street that came to our home called me mom and this boy was very young.  He was the same age as my son and my son didn’t like it at all. Now he’s a grownup and his children already are grownups, too.  We laughed when we talked about it because I at the time was in the car driving with this boy and two more and my son.  We went to the Girls’ Home where I used to work to help the nuns there.

Q: You went there alone? To the Girls’ Home for the first time?

N: Yes, it was because I had to learn things and really learn to love and I learned wonderful things there. So, well ... The boy says to me: “Can I ask you a question, mom?” “Yes, of course, Daniel…,” that was his name. He said: “Why did you marry Daddy, you who look so pretty and he's so ugly?” Ha, ha, ha…. And Fabian (my son) remembered this because the boy was one of those vagabond street kids. And then I said to him: “You see, he is a very good man and is also very hardworking and lets us do all this.” He replied: “Oh well, but it catches my eye, you know!” A little brat ... 12 years old, ha, ha, ha....

Q: How cute! ... I imagine Natty that that house…, where was the house, in the Paligue district?

N: Yes, Paligue.

Q: The first group of people passed through that house, right?

N: Yes, all sorts of people, also with children, beaten ones, all sorts...

Q: Of course, and what was the next step when you said to yourself you had to start working in a different way?

N: It was very easy at home because my husband paid for everything. Then one day Jesus appears to me in a dream and says: “This is not what we agreed.”

Q: Excuse me, before we go to that, I want to make a digression ... This man, your husband, surely said: My wife left the operating room one day and next she's bringing in lots of people.  Is that what he said? Or did he understand what was happening?

N: No, they probably set him up, because he used to say that I was very beautiful and he had been always deeply in love with me...

Q: Everyone used to say that you were gorgeous, very pretty ... Yes.

N: I don’t know, the fact is that after the operation I didn’t feel like starting this mission right away because I cheated myself saying it had been the anesthetics, something must have happened to me, I must have dreamed it ... Not even drunk did I feel like starting what I had to do. Then I fell into depression.  I did all the things that came to my mind, everything, and I behaved very badly ... And then I got into bed with a terrible depression and did not want to see the light of day because I did not want to see the truth.  I said to myself, no, this is not true. I will not do it, live as the Gospel mandates. One night Jesus came to me in a dream and told me that this was not the agreement. "Now, either you live what you promised or you will leave the world you are in, but the place you will be going to is not like the one where you were before because now you have to wait for the door to open once again." It was not that I was frightened because of what he had said, but boom! I became aware of the situation and the next morning I got up. My husband had seen me nearly dying not wanting to eat, not wanting to see my children because I blamed them for having made me come back. I used to say to the maids: “Take the children away from here please…!” And suddenly I get up and say to him: “Vicente, what I want to do is bring all the homeless and destitute here, give them shelter, feed them...” He replied: “Anything you want!” What he wanted was to see me well, healthy again. So that's how I started when I managed to realize what was going on the house was full of people ... (Laughs).

Q: Oh my God! ... This was when it all started and when this contemporary Natty made her appearance, who then traveled everywhere, to great places, really incredible places in regards to what had to be done.  I don’t know if they were great in terms of landscapes but there were many matters to take care of. Let’s see, there's music in the air ... (Lyrics: It's not as simple as I thought, like opening my chest and pulling my soul out ...) Nothing is as simple as you think it is, is it?

N: You know, I believe it's much easier than you think it is if you surrender to God because what happened to me is for the sake of waking up people, spiritually speaking of course, but it does not have to happen to everyone. Anyone can find God every single day.  You just have to see it, be aware of it. Every day you are presented with different cases. The thing is to see it and live according to that new happening in your life in a thousand ways. What happens is that we are asleep… (and the different religions have been responsible for keeping us asleep as if they had provided us drugs)… and we believe that because we pray Our Father or three Ave Marias or because we kneel down as Muslims do, we are at the Gates of Heaven. We’re not. God gave us our lives to be happy. Let’s enjoy and share. Yes, there is much pain but because there is much karma and it has to be accounted for, it says in the Gospel that you will not leave this world until you pay the last penny you owe, and many say: Oh, look So-and-So, he's a scoundrel and he died very nicely and did not pay anything at all... No, wait till he comes back, wait till he comes back.  I've seen people in the slums who have been emperors, now they’re paying back.  In the different slums, I see these spirits, and they all have to pay back what they’ve done in another life. And what is it that we have to do? The older brothers (spiritually speaking) must help these people, pamper them, and make them understand and be happy wherever they are, understanding this makes one see the world is so wonderful.

Q: Natty, did you ever decide to leave Bahia Blanca?  Was the first destination to the north or was there another place?

N: Yes, after almost 35 years here at the Home, and thanks to the sisters of Don Orione who took care of the boys of the Children’s Home, many people tell me: You know what the sisters do? They’re so good. They have a Children’s Home ... Oh dear, a Children’s Home! For God’s sake! I founded it in López Lecube (Province of Buenos Aires) 30 years ago! (Laughs) ... the same one that the saintly sisters run now, please...! Very nice things like these happen to me all the time... and when I was there running the Home ... I don’t know how to say it, the Home was an alarm clock for Bahia Blanca.  Many people woke up but did not realize that a person like me, on my own, could have done what I did, had a Spirit not come through me telling them that God was there. Now when I watch the videos of those times and see the cards with all the people that we have registered, I see that was something that masters of light also made me do so that there is a real testimony.  People forget very easily, but we have names, addresses and people came every day, up to 7000 at a time, 5000 at another, 4000 ... and not just one day, years! And we had nothing, no partners, no money, and we had no legal status, no papers. How can you imagine that? We did not exist legally speaking, not to this day.  When the nuns took over the Home they had problems legally registering the Home, which did not exist on paper, to be able to continue with the work there. We did not exist legally and yet we gave them food.  It came from all places in loaded trucks for us to cook.

Q: I knew what you were doing.  Even as a little girl I remember you in the media asking for supplies, and magically, people immediately responded with donations.

N: They used to bring us everything you could imagine, whole trucks with dressings to add to the food, fruits, and vegetables, everything. We would cook it, then the people came to help, they came to peel potatoes.  Students from the University used to come at the time. We cooked 450 kg of noodles, 380 kg of meat, all that, and they came and helped us. Many people came from the slums, some of the girls still continue to help me, Norita, Griselda and many more ... Their parents came to work day and night to prepare everything every single day.

Q: I remind everyone out there listening, that this what Natty is telling us about…she had no gigantic companies to assist her. Surely someone must have listened and made a donation but she did not have a master’s degree as chef or cooking to do all that. Not only was her soul revealed in the media but also her voice when she asked for help, along with other voices when it began to multiply and the people came to help her, as when young people came and cooked for another impressive number of people looking for food.

N: Yes, yes, yes, and it was wonderful!  It was a world of people who came to get their food. They queued for 14 hours on end, to take the food in their little pots. As you know the 7000 did not all come to the queue. The father or mother of the family came to fetch the food in a pot to warm it up in their homes, and also took the dessert, milk, bread, and fruit. There were lots of volunteers from the highest society to the people of the slums, to professionals from different sectors who came and delivered the rations, because they had to be delivered in giant pots.

Q: Natty you were not a cook but you cooked for an impressive number of people. You're not a nurse but you cured lots of people too. You're not an architect and yet you built lots of houses as well, I mean, if this was all done by a little person with heavenly eyes like you, if we do a little bit of what you do to each one of us, how can this not change the world, am I right?

N: Sure, that’s it. The point is to believe that one can and to see that if you surrender to God, everything comes in addition.  Moreover, the point is also to trust and accept what God asks us to do.  Not all of it is pleasant, mind you, there is also the other part. We must accept God’s will.   Accept and do as much good as we can, but we must also accept God’s noes. For some reason, He gives us the noes that He gives us.

Q: You were telling me Natty, that the first of the trips after all this you told us about, was to the north...

N: No, we went to Mendoza first ... to the Mendoza desert.  There we met the Huarpes who still live between Mendoza and San Juan. We are still going there... Then to Formosa to the Wichi communities. But it was in 1993 that we met the people of Mendoza and in 1995 we began to visit Formosa.  I was still taking care of the Home.  We went and worked there, then in 1997, we inaugurated a whole neighborhood for the Wichi aborigines.

Q: Of course, but the first time, did you go alone, or did you go with someone else?

N: With Silvina, who is out there, (Laughs) ... who always accompanies me, and Zulema, her mother, as well ... and my children, also the group that supports and accompanies me. We used to take turns because we had to continue our work at the Home. My sister Blanca and Zulema took care with the people who cooked and delivered the food. I always say that fortunately, I am not God. So when I am not there or anywhere indeed, He takes charge with others to do the work.

Q: Sure. And when you got there, the people asked: This lady, what intentions does she have?

N: No, it was very hard because in truth the reality of these people is that they were enduring life in Argentina that although it is not karmic, they are just living the first incarnations as men and later will evolve as man-angel (a man who evolves and is almost an angel, but not quite yet) and grow up (spiritually speaking). They lived very badly under the trees, without the minimum comfort.  They did not speak Spanish either. It was very hard, very hard to see them the way they lived.

Q: Natty I wonder why there are people out there who haven’t done anything bad at all and suffer these problems. What’s happening? Obviously many people, when something happens or when they witness situations like these which are so difficult, say: Where is God that He does not see this?  Does God see it?

N: God creates a perfect world and then He has laws. There is the law of cause and effect. If you follow God’s laws everything is going to be perfect, but He is not sitting somewhere changing the laws every minute as we do on Earth. I always say: If you have powdered milk and water and mix it, what do you get? Milk. Very well, if you don’t do things the right way things will go bad for you. Planet Earth is a planet of atonement, responsibility, evolution, growth. There are four types of beings living at this point here: people who have come to evolve, people who have come to evolve and pay their karmic debts, people who have come to grow up developing science, medicine, etc., and spirits of light embedded in bodies of people who have been in other worlds and come to give their light.  Einstein and many others ... Pythagoras, for example,  and thousands of people like them ... are the lesser messiahs, who come to help us as a race, as humans, to grow up and help with all that happens.  And there are those who come to pay their debts only, to work for all this, the only thing that the Masters asks from us… God is perfect and He created us perfect. God forgives us but He does not excuse us. Between exculpation and forgiveness, there is a big difference. People confuse this. God forgives and gives you the chance to repair what you did wrong. Have you read in the Gospel: He who kills with iron shall be killed with iron.  And if you killed someone in another life and you did all that damage you are going to get it back.  It’s not that God waits with folded arms; he will surely cry for you. You shouldn’t have done it because you have to repair it now. It would be very unfair if God said: I forgive you and that's it. No, repair the damage you did. That's why there are so many things that we do not understand. What do we know what we did in another life. We say: look what happened to us. Who knows what we did? Suppose I meet some woman who says: My husband left me ... And you, did you not leave someone in another life? I do not judge. God did not command me to judge but to come and lend you a hand. Love, says Jesus and all the Masters, is the only thing that can truly help.  And to love truly, accept what you get and be better every day.  Every day wherever you are you can be better. You don’t know the spiritual disciples who understand everything that I have in the slums. They understand because they are truly adult spirits. They messed up, as is commonly said, in another life and have come back to repair it, but are much more lucid than others who are slowly doing their evolutionary duties.

Q: Tonight we are listening and learning in a passionate way. Natty Petrosino, we are going to have a short pause and will continue with Natty Petrosino.

(Music is on, lyrics: Honouring life ...)

Q: Natty, do you honor life now?

N: Yes, how wonderful ... this is what we all can do, you know, as I explain to people at my conferences, including those in Buenos Aires, with the people of Kier, who are the ones who have published so many spiritual books for so many years. Kier is a bookstore as well as an excellent editorial house.  Now I'm going to leave you a book that they edited written by Juan Ignacio Guilligan, telling a little of my life, with a few other things so that people can wake up to the other wonderful things that God has created and ... for example, the importance of Jesus’ birth among man, this confusion that he was born of a virgin mother, Virgin Mary. Mary was a virgin because every child that passes through your body leaves its imprint so-to-speak.  Then it had to be a virgin mother, not because she had no sexual intercourse with Joseph, that stupid little story that I don’t know where it came from. We are at this stage on this planet because of these silly things. Jesus was a Spirit of Light, Jesus is the Christ, when you get to be a Christ it is the maximum you can attain ... he decided to come and help us but needed a material body to demonstrate that as men we can become Christs, we can reconnect with God. The word religion means to reconnect with God from where we parted in the first place. We are splinters of God that started out as a mineral, vegetable, animal, man, man-angel, angel, archangel, etc... and reach God once again, and transcend, no matter the millennia that this undertaking can take us and this is the miracle, Jessica.

Q: Yes Natty, and you've been helping, obviously here in Argentina, also in Nicaragua, Russia, Chernobyl, Kazakhstan, you’ve been to all those places, so how can you define the vulnerable, the suffering, misery?  Are they the same anywhere in the world?

N: Yes. It is actually more what we believe they suffer than what they in fact suffer. When you are with them it is wonderful because you start speaking to them of the real God, and that they must accept their situation because something must have happened to them in another life and they understand.  So I do not see that much suffering.   I tell you that the happiest laughs I’ve ever seen are of those of the Wichi children of Formosa, who run around barefoot. Our children have so many things that we provide them with here in the cities and in spite of it they are not as happy as these kids. They make tractor wheels with cactus’, they put them on a stick and have fun and laugh happily, so I think things are different there, in that sense.

Q: Sure. Natty, after having seen that, knowing that today you are here passing through and you have to continue with your amazing work, I can imagine that all the time you must be thinking about what is necessary, that you need help for this or that, that you need people to lend you a hand, that you need to wake people up. How do you keep on, how is it that you keep on?

N: I believe that what is important is to realize that each one should become aware that he or she is a minute part of God and that we are really made in the image and resemblance of the Creator of Everything, and we come from that Everything, that we are a splinter and we spend all of the eternity in relinking with God. It’s so great and so far away that I don’t know, nor do I know what it is like when you finally relink with God. It is a Universe in a permanent expansion, discovered by the greatest scientists. It‘s no longer that the moon is there for the romantic lovers to hold hands. So I believe the time has come to wake up and become aware that we are eternal and to realize that you must begin at some point.

Q: How do you begin?

N: People say to me many times, oh, Natty, I would like to have lots of money, or not work anymore and do what you do...

Q: The day of tomorrow...

N: Exactly. No, you must begin today. Start with a smile, be concerned about what happens to your neighbor. Whoever happens to stumble in the street, pick him up; at home have patience with your family.  And at the hospitals, at the Garrahan (a children’s hospital in Buenos Aires) for example, the nurses there said to me: “Natty, we would like to do it for free, but we need a salary.” No, you get paid for your specific job because you have to make a living, the Lord says in the Gospel: “The Ox that works deserves its sustenance.”  You need to get paid but the other part, the smile and the love you give, and the consecration, the real commitment is free. That is what we can all do. That changes the world, every day anywhere we are. I see that many are continuously protesting against their bosses.  Even if we lack the necessary things let’s do our jobs properly.  It does not matter if the other gets more money. I have to do this, change the water of this glass every day.  I don’t care, he sends me to do it, and I must do it, and that’s it! I’m happy! Why do I have to criticize him if I do not have the ability to become a boss? Settle for what you have to do but do it properly, do not criticize! Those who criticize their bosses, anywhere they are, including those who criticize their governments or anything at all. Why don’t they do it themselves?  Let’s see, do your part, let the other make his own mistakes! You do your part and if you keep staying in an office or some other job where you’re not happy, you respect yourself very little.  Why don’t you leave if you are not satisfied?

Q: Natty, do you have any messages for the politicians?
N: (All this that follows with great emphasis) Nowadays everything is so terrible because we are also going through, how could I express it… the force of evil has been unleashed and it is making as many as it can to fall, and using nothing less than drug trafficking and consumption to get into everywhere and corrupt everything. Each and every one of us has to be better as politicians, as humans, as parents, to fight all this. Our children get drunk, run away, parents do not know what to do, poor boys and girls, poor children, poor humanity. If you do not understand Christ’s message, do not say, do not try to live anything I say, check everything that all the Messiahs said many times and check fairly what Jesus said, do not seek possessions, let’s not have a Vatican or preach from the Vatican, let’s leave everything and live what Jesus said, let’s not get into divorce gossip, whether they are homosexual or not. Those of us who serve God and listen to Jesus must speak of the Spirit and the transcendence of the Spirit, let us not get into the things of the world, give Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Maybe Caesar is doing things wrong for all of us to pay back our sinful deeds, but those of us who are devoted to God must speak of the transcendence of True Love, all the rest can be done by each one of us individually. I have to say to every religion do not interfere in things you do not have to meddle in, be it wars, politics, weapons, ... Speak about God and the wonders of Creation, do not give a kiss to a poor child or receive a poor person and say: “The real option is being poor!” Let us live Jesus’ teachings, let us not deceive ourselves, let us live what Jesus said, let us live what God said to us.

Q: Thank you Natty. I love it when you speak with such emphasis. I, if I were a doctor, would have reached a small conclusion: to love and lend a hand, can that be the recipe?

N: That's the recipe, it's just like that, the recipe is just that. You know, I was interviewed by another journalist today and the people of Bahia Blanca who are wonderful…, Jesus or God Father chose this city to carry out this miracle, whenever I'm not anymore amongst you, you will realize the miracle that He did through a stupid woman like me, so that everyone can see that He makes wonders. You know what? I don’t need anything but if you want to share this Christmas, call Zulema and bring Panettone so I can take it to all the poor I visit everywhere for Christmas, Panettone, Panettone ... or candy ... or whatever you want, just for all of us to come together as always with this Love of God on this Christmas that means that Christ is born again within us.

Q: Sure. We will all be there as always, thank you Natty, a great pleasure, huge thanks to the people who are on the other side, Pablito who accompanied us ...

Natty: Thank you.

Q: Here In First Person we thank Natty Petrosino and we meet you all next Monday at 21:15, bye, bye.

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domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Gabriela Arias Uriburu: Los dones que se “despertaron” de la mano de Natty Petrosino

Entrevista de La Nueva Provincia de Bahia Blanca.

Gabriela Arias Uriburu: "Siento que todo fue perfecto para llegar a este presente"

Link: La Nueva

21/05/2017 07:00 De paso por Bahía, luego de dictar conferencias en la zona, esta embajadora de los derechos del niño sostuvo que cuando un hijo sufre hay padres responsables. Y aseguró que el tercer milenio está en manos de las mujeres.

Cecilia Corradetti /
   Después de tanta tragedia, de dolor infinito y de un camino repleto de escollos que pareció interminable, Gabriela Arias Uriburu, simplemente, renació.
   “No es una frase armada”, advierte, sonriente, para asegurar, con absoluta convicción, que “en la guerra de la vida, lo que no mata, fortalece”.
   A los 52 años, 20 de los cuales los transitó físicamente lejos de sus hijos, que en 1997 fueron llevados ilegalmente a Jordania por su marido musulmán, se transformó en embajadora de los derechos de los niños de todo el mundo.
   En eso estuvo el último fin de semana, cuando pasó por Bahía Blanca luego de dejar su huella en Pigüé y Tres Arroyos, donde repasó cómo logró “sanarse” y transformar dolor en sabiduría.

   --¿Renació otra Gabriela?
   --Sí. Cuando uno llega a la génesis del kilómetro 0 y comienza otro kilometraje, como me ha sucedido, se siente renacer. Vivo despojada y logré un momento de plenitud, libertad, felicidad...
   --¿Hay rencores?
   --No. Imad, mi exesposo, se llevó a Shaban, Zahira y Sharif movido por una situación cultural que no puede ser analizada desde la óptica occidental, porque sería anti-ético. Tuve que estudiar mucho la cultura musulmana y su estructura tribal, porque se manejan como tribus. Los hijos son la continuación de ese sistema, por eso la descendencia es tan importante. Entonces su arrojo personal fue llevar a sus hijos a su pertenencia.
   --¿Debieron transcurrir décadas para que pueda analizarlo de este modo?
   --Lo fui entendiendo con el tiempo y luego de un enorme trabajo científico, jurídico, filosófico y de autoconocimiento. Me transformé en abogada de la causa. Leí, me instruí y me capacité para llevar adelante el proceso. Pude abrir un camino nuevo en la historia de mis hijos y restituirlos a la vida en contacto con sus padres.
   --¿Cómo se llega a este punto de inflexión que hoy logró?
   --A través del empoderamiento: por primera vez estoy parada sobre mis propios pies sin depender de nada ni de nadie, solo de mí. Siento que, hasta ayer, todo fue perfecto para poder llegar a este estado. Las necesidades me las cubro yo, pero ¡ojo! no es un sentimiento de autosuficiencia, sino de fuerza.

   --¿Se sintió morir en algún momento?
   --Claro. Todas las personas que experimentamos situaciones límites sufrimos de alguna manera una muerte. A partir de allí, comienza un trabajo de supervivencia y luego de volver a la vida. Por supuesto que no todos pueden esto último y se quedan en la supervivencia... En realidad, lo más grandioso que uno puede hacer es volver a la vida.
    --¿Cómo debemos tomar las pruebas que entorpecen el camino?
   --Quitándonos el velo y no quedarnos en el lugar donde nos encontrábamos. Las pruebas son pretextos para que despertemos a la verdadera labor, para saber quiénes somos y cuál es nuestra misión.
   --¿Cuál es el mensaje que intenta transmitir?
   --Intento crear conciencia del cuidado de los hijos y de la importancia de que los adultos sanemos nuestras heridas para no cargárselas a ellos. En toda enfermedad que está implicado un hijo, hubo padres que no resolvieron temas.
   --¿Cómo debemos actuar los padres?
   --Asumiendo con coraje nuestros temas irresueltos. Ese fue mi propio trabajo y puedo dar fe que, una vez que empecé a sanar, comenzaron a resolverse muchas cuestiones del presente de mis hijos. No es fácil, pero necesario.
   --¿Toda situación límite llega para decirnos algo?
   --Definitivamente. Y allí tenemos que frenarnos y plantear cómo vamos a actuar. Si quedarnos en el “por qué” o avanzar en el “para qué”. Esto último es lo que elegí. Lo transformé en acción y me enseñó a ver que la historia tenía nombre de hijos, no de padres. Eso me cambió el paradigma y activó una nueva forma de política de Estado, relaciones entre Estados, diplomacia... En definitiva, gracias a todo esto pude llegar a ver a mis hijos.
   --¿Siempre hay un adulto responsable cuando sufre un niño?
   --Sí. Como sociedad enfocamos el problema en el chico en vez de darnos cuenta de que el niño refleja el problema que el adulto no supo resolver de manera madura. Todo esto no está planteado en la sociedad y es un orden básico. Cuando un adolescente se droga no está enfermo, está implicado en un síntoma perpetrado por los padres, que no han trabajado en sí mismos.
   --¿Qué sucede con los divorcios conflictivos?
   --Cada vez hay más y los hijos pasan a ser rehenes. La Justicia dispone una estructura, días, horarios, lugares. Claro que se necesita un orden, pero la Justicia no vincula al padre con el hijo. Eso es tarea de los adultos. Si yo hubiese puesto el vínculo con mis hijos en manos del juez de Jordania, no los hubiese recuperado. Es más, hoy sería víctima de esa Justicia.
   --Sin embargo en los divorcios se observa resentimiento, deseos de venganza y hasta odio...
   --Si, pero un adulto que desea lo mejor para su hijo debe buscar las herramientas suficientes, sanar heridas y profundizar en lo sucedido con la pareja. Atravesar duelos, enojos, frustraciones, pero jamás llevarlos al territorio de los hijos. Es necesario reconocer que uno se encuentra en medio del tsunami, pero cuidando a los hijos. Si el otro no lo cumple, uno debe “correrse” de la tempestad.
   --Con terapia, caminatas, trabajo corporal, yoga... lo que sea. Sacar el enojo y mutar ese duelo. Porque el odio y el resentimiento de la madre o el padre luego recae en los chicos. Y ahí aparece la droga, el alcohol y la violencia.
   --¿La Justicia en general no protege a los chicos?
   --No. Es contradictorio, pues debería ser lo primero: ponerlo en protección. Advertir a la pareja que será un procedimiento largo y que habrá sanción si algo le ocurriese al niño. No lo digo yo, lo dice la Convención de los Derechos del Niño. Pero el adulto sigue tomando al niño como objeto.
   --¿Cómo observa a las mujeres?
   --Todas las mujeres del mundo están heridas y, por lo tanto, deben dedicarse a curar el femenino y resurgir para dar amor, que es algo esencialmente nuestro. Lo dijo el Dalai Lama: la salvación de este milenio está en manos de la mujer y a través de ellas resurgirán hospitales, escuelas, hogares... Ancestralmente la mujer está herida. Cuando esto se revierta el mundo cambiará.
Cuando los hijos se van...
   En muchas de las conferencias que Gabriela Arias Uriburu dicta en todo el mundo, suele aparecer el concepto del “nido vacío”.
   “Que me disculpen los psicólogos, pero eso es apenas un titular del ego, porque los hijos vienen al mundo para irse. Uno tiene todo un tiempo para acompañarlos, nutrirlos, proveerlos de las herramientas para que puedan hacer su camino, pero no el que los padres desean...”, sostiene.
   “Cuando los hijos se van debería ser el momento más feliz y no el más triste, porque ratifica que hemos cumplido la tarea y comenzó otra etapa, por lo tanto será el momento de disfrutar el camino que desandarán”, agrega.
   “Cuando se van, es el momento en que uno entrega el hijo a la vida y se gesta en uno otra vida”, define.
   Hoy, según cuenta, cuando sus hijos la llaman por teléfono, suele responderles: “Estoy viviendo, trabajando, ocupándome de mí...”.
   “Eso es activamente inspiracional para ellos porque no deben ocuparse de la mamá, sino de ellos mismos, es decir, deben decidir, sanar sus heridas, ver dónde y cómo van a vivir, con quién se van a casar. Trato de que estén libres de mis necesidades”, señala.
   --¿Sus hijos conocen de su lucha?
   --No lo sé. Hablo muy poco de mí con ellos. No creo que lean mis libros, porque los confrontaría mucho con el amor que sienten hacia su padre y hacia mí. No debe ser fácil. Tampoco escribí para que ellos los leyeran, sino que están basados en este descubrir mío a través de su historia.
   “Es necesario generar un presente liberador para los hijos. Necesitamos adolescentes con valores para que no se enfermen ni se destruyan. Los padres somos los hacedores de esto. Como dice una frase de la Madre Teresa de Calcuta: “¿Quieres la paz? Empieza por tu familia”.

Paso a paso: Más de 20 años de lucha y de logros
   Gabriela Arias Uriburu contrajo nupcias en Guatemala, en el año 1991 con Imad Shaban, a pesar de ser ella católica y el musulmán. Tuvieron tres hijos: Imad Shaban Karim (12-5-92), Zahira (25-12-93) y Sharif (5-4-96). En 1997, Gabriela plantea su decisión de divorciarse ante la Justicia Civil guatemalteca, quien además le otorga la tenencia de los tres hijos.
   Sin embargo, el 10 de diciembre de 1997, Imad Shaban, ilegalmente saca a Karim, Zahira y Sharif de Guatemala, y se radicó con ellos en Jordania. Frente a esta tragedia, dos posibilidades se abrieron en su vida: sucumbir ante lo impuesto, dejándose morir, enloqueciendo e intentar un contra secuestro con riesgo de vida para sus hijos, o transformar la agresión en salud y un futuro para sus hijos y para ella. Este último fue el camino que eligió.
   La situación vivida con sus hijos despertó en Gabriela la necesidad de crear una Fundación; “Niños Unidos para el Mundo” constituyendo la primera ONG en el mundo en abordar la temática de la restitución familiar por y para el niño, priorizando su lugar en la familia, en el mundo, y en el modo en el que debe actuar la Justicia cuando los derechos esenciales de los niños han sido violados.

Los dones que se “despertaron” de la mano de Natty Petrosino

   Luego de recorrer localidades de la zona, Gabriela llegó a Bahía el sábado pasado y se “desplomó”, agotada, en la cama del hotel.
   “Apenas me desperté, llamé a Natty”, cuenta, sobre su “entrañable” amiga Natty Petrosino, a quien conoció en los momentos más difíciles de su vida y con quien suele compartir conmovedoras campañas en la selva formoseña.
   En 1998, luego de que su esposo la separara de sus hijos, Gabriela conoció a alguien que le “abrigó el corazón”, según define.
   “Esa fue Natty. Apareció en casa de mi hermana y conversamos un largo rato. A partir de allí me acompañó durante largos y tristes años, hasta que en 2002 viajé a El Divisadero, en el impenetrable chaqueño, en una experiencia maravillosa que me ayudó al fortalecimiento espiritual”, recuerda.
   “Solía bromearme: ‘¡Quién diría, una Arias Uriburu durmiendo bajo un árbol...!’, pero a mí eso me hacía inmensamente feliz”, rememora.
   “Gaby”, de la mano de Natty, se fue involucrando en labores por la humanidad y hoy se convirtieron en grandes amigas.
   “Las vueltas de la vida. Cuando era adolescente le decía a mi mamá que quería misionar en el impenetrable, con los wichis. Con Natty lo he cumplido, viví de cerca el hambre y la entrega. Porque no es un acto solidario, es mucho más que eso. Representa una experiencia que cambia el corazón”, resume.
   “Uno va a con los wichis a ser transformado, a decirles que Dios no los abandonó, a darle identidad y pertenencia”, reflexiona, e insiste: “Regreso a casa con nuevos talentos despiertos: bondad, paciencia, silencio, simpleza, belleza. Todos esos dones los aprendí con Natty Petrosino”, concluye.

Link a La Nueva Provincia de Bahia Blanca:

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Natty Petrosino - Entrevista de La Nueva Provincia de Bahia Blanca

Magnífica entrevista en la Feria FISA de Bahía Blanca

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016

Natty Petrosino - Canal 9 Bahía Blanca NAVIDAD SOLIDARIA

Natty agradeció a todo Bahía Blanca por su aporte solidario a los Wichi de Formosa.

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Gabriela Arias Uriburu nos cuenta desde el corazón su experiencia con Natty en esta Navidad en Formosa

Cuando uno vuelve del Impenetrable con Natty ya nada está como estaba antes.
El corazón late de otra forma te cambia el ritmo cardiaco. ¿Porqué? Porque en ella vive "el misterio" que se instaló cuando volvió de la muerte 

Estos días con ella fue estar en divina presencia y en campo adentro donde viven comunidades olvidadas por nosotros los argentinos; nuestros pueblos originarios. Y no vamos a darles sino a decirles que son parte de nosotros, que los honramos así tal cual son y que los amamos.
Nuestro estar con ellos es vivir junto a Natty la apertura al corazón y tan solo amar la vida tal cual está siendo, no pretendiendo cambiar o cambiarles la vida, solo ser y compartir.
¿Cómo se vuelve a nuestra vida cotidiana con el corazón engrandecido? ¿A una ciudad en la que cada día estamos más enfrentados y más excluidos?
Es nuestra labor de cada día, a cada paso poner amor, paz y armonía, como poner flor en el florero vacío o la tostada en el plato de porcelana que era de la abuela... celebrando el presente; la vida; el estar vivos.                  
Natty nos pide que vengamos al Impenetrable con ropa clara bonita y limpia pues servir es bello y la belleza debe estar en nosotros.
Y así lo vamos haciendo
Uno se viste; se arregla; para servir, para vivir, para abrazar a un otro.
Mi corazón está engrandecido en un mes donde están los desafíos presente de las fiestas.
Tuve mi Navidad con los Wichis y ellos aliviaron el dolor de la espera de mis hijos a celebrar algún día las fiestas. Estando en esta Navidad con ellos supe una vez más que la vida habla en idioma de amor; vivir la Navidad con los hijos Wichis fue vivirla con mis hijos.
Mi Navidad está siendo distinta porque acepté la invitación de Natty a ser parte de esta celebración y dejarme llevar por la experiencia.
Las lágrimas que brotan de mi corazón me invitan a ser creadora de mi presente con la vida.
¡Aún con los dolores que cada uno tiene podemos!, son solo circunstanciales pues la vida late en nosotros, entre nosotros, con nosotros. Estamos vivos. 
Vuelvo en paz porque no pretendo ni denuncio una realidad que vive Argentina que es el hambre y su violencia; me vinculé con ella y desde mi la transformo. Ellos tienen hambre; yo tengo hambre espiritual; todos tenemos hambre...¿qué vas a hacer con ella?
¿Qué vas a hacer con vos? 
Amar tu propia realidad, tu esencia, tu originalidad; volver a tu artesano y hacer tu labor con vos.

Cada vez que vuelvo la experiencia me cambia, me vuelvo más humana; más agradecida, más abierta al sentir y no al pensar
¿Que sientes? Veo cuánto más debe abrirse mi corazón 
Amor en movimiento
Ejercer las libertades
Tu corazón sabe por dónde
Incorpora la fuerza del amor en el cotidiano 

Al despegar el avión de tierra formoseña muchas lágrimas decían Gracias Natty, gracias a la vida por este encuentro. Estos días a tu lado son fuertes y de muchas pruebas donde solo sé que debo dejar mi mente para que tu palabra, tus órdenes, hagan operación a corazón abierto. 
"Tantos siglos, tantos mundos, tanto espacio y coincidir".
Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.