domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016


Dear brothers: At this time of almost universal confusion all over the world, possibly because of all that as a human race of this Era, we have achieved, we have not prepared to thank our Creator for all the perfect Universe and all the perfection created for us, tiny little beings before the macrocosm, although we are his children and perhaps as a Father he overestimates us and even though he has sent every so often: instructors, messiahs, avatars, knowledgeable spirits and Beings of Light in every country and everywhere, so that starting from our spiritual age we grow and perfect our Self to realize God’s Kingdom on Earth!, along with the highest level that technology, science, medicine, etc., has accomplished.

But we are failing as humankind. In two very serious matters we are being unsuccessful:  the love for our neighbor and the acceptance of God's Willpower (when it is not what we want for our selfish selves) and to love God above all things.
It doesn’t matter if the universe, as some say, was accidental, it doesn’t matter how everything that exists was made. I challenge and would like to meet someone who without transgressing the love of his neighbor has been able to decipher and implement some of God’s wonderful designs and not have discovered something that already exists in the Universe and in fact used it to change or destroy by means of mathematics or science in general ... Where is God left?

Even though many things were and are used so that the evil forces that destroy and hate cannot achieve "the ultimate goal": to destroy, divide, destroy.
Here from my humblest spot as the tiniest and useless Servant of His, one day I decided to follow Jesus’ teachings and today fifty years later, full of love, faith, and hope I want to tell the Whole World: let your different religions review what each of your prophets who came from God once said: to love, love, love, and respect each other.
God is a God of love, everything else comes from evil.

Here in the middle of the jungle and in the month of St. Francis of Assisi, surrounded by "God’s little ones" who marvel that someone comes and doesn’t ask them to convert to her religion, does not ask them to work for her, only wants to bring peace in all and each one of their communities and invites them to be worthy, working to earn by the sweat of their brows what they eat or progress. While others only come temporarily because it is not easy if you do not learn to love, understand, wait, not judge and accompany them in their development.

I watch very little television these days and rarely have access to the Internet but the group of people that accompany me have wanted me to speak out in this way to all countries, all races, all faiths, sometime ago. And today I feel it is the day.
How horrifying it is to see the torture and crucifixion of a 12 year old child because his father did not convert to the executioner’s faith, we all look at the news as if it were something that does not belong to us and we worry more if someone is gay, lesbian or heterosexual.

Dear brothers, we are people, not sex, we are humanity. Sex is only a part of our physiology, and each one before our Creator knows why. How are we to judge? I do not think God is judging something that each one did not choose in the first place, but what I'm sure of is in the way each one behaves, as a human being, with each other "BEING."
If we all loved truthfully there would be no rape, abuse, pedophilia, people trafficking, discrimination.

Why do we not review our résumés? I ask, first the Christians, the Catholics, all religions and all individuals on this planet, why if we do not believe do we swear in the name of God, when we take office as a government, when we graduate, when we are appointed as judges or lawyers, when we are baptized.
We go to church and we think we are better than the rest practicing our selfish religion and what we want them to believe is in our own. We go to meetings with other major sensible religions to see if we can find common ground and actually we want them to believe in ours and to do what we say. “For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”

Recall that each one of the messiah of all times died to their earthly life alone and misinterpreted and after their departure every one of their few followers adapted the message that they had delivered, often mistaken, at will.
But how are the "holy wars" to be understood if all the great emissaries have said DO NOT KILL.

How can we understand the blessing of weapons.
The mere existence of weapons to kill leaves me in horror.
When we are asked to remain chaste to serve God and that one cannot serve God and money, it is only for great saints who understand that in order to serve God and their fellow men they must Be Free, totally free without possessions that would make them participate in the competitive world and distract them from the real purpose of their life of deliverance: " TO PREACH THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH AND THE SIGNIFICANCE of the SHORT TERM OF THE immortal spirit ON EARTH." This is the true mission of those who have been called. If the many saints of all time cannot endure the issues of the Earth, nowhere it says that they cannot continue to love even more and serve humanity, and also from their own place with honesty and peace.
Please, whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

We are not sex and when I see in horror that two of the things in our body that were created for the holiest and most healthy of things: the breasts in women to nurse our beloved children and the tail to defecate waste and the unpleasant odors of the body’s combustion (now I’m speaking of the body, not the spirit) and it is almost the reason of our lives and a global concern.

We are transiting humankind's greatest moment and how wonderful it would be if instead of fearing our brother we embraced with each other thanking God for all that he has given us to be happy. He wants our happiness!"

So it is in Argentina these days, with so much aggression, slander, violence, evil.
I would ask for love, do not constantly criticize the other, is the other always to blame? Why do we not see all the good that many do? There are thousands of things accomplished in recent times and all recognize the great effort that has been made, but hatred and clashes have achieved: "The joy of the evil forces who have obtained what they wanted: divide and rule."
Please start by not promising things you cannot fulfill, show how honest you are and how you love what is good, do not say bad and unpleasant things to each other, it hurts God, lower the tone and show yourselves the way you really are.
The same I ask of all citizens, to be impartial and honest and see the bad but also the good and if you want something better be better yourselves and we shall all have better things.
Ask for advice from within to the God we all have inside because we are splinters of Him and HE LOVE US!

Natty Petrosino worker of Jesus on the road to the Eternal Father.
And the Followers of the Way of Jesus by the path of St. Francis of Assisi

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